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Smoothie Stick for Bosch Universal Mixer Blender

Finally, a smoothie stick is now available for most Bosch Universal Blender attachments.



The Smoothie Stick is great for smoothies and other thick recipes that you will mix in your blender. 
Dimensions: Total Length: 9",  Handle: 2.75" Long, Neck: 1 7/8" Wide, Plunger: 5 3/4" (tapered from 1" to 1 1/4")
Note: Check the opening on your lid and make sure that it is smaller than the 1 7/8" Neck on the Smoothie Stick.  Otherwise the smoothie stick will fall through the opening. 
This smoothie stick will fit most Bosch Mixer Blender Attachments (it does not fit the most current blender made for the Bosch Universal Plus Mixer as the opening is 2".)