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Le Creuset 6 QT Stock Pot

The Le Creuset Stock Pot is perfect for those big family meals that consist of soup, chili, stew, corn on the cob, or anything else.

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Le Creuset Stock Pot Description

Le Creuset stockpots heat rapidly and uniformly for slow simmering and their lids seal the flavorful bouquet of your culinary creations. The steel rims prevent chipping and the enamel interior won't absorb odors or flavors.

Tight fitting lids help seal in heat and flavors.
Enamel on steel construction makes them easy to lift and pour.
Stainless steel rim on base and lid prevents chips and cracks.
Enameled interiors are easy to clean and will not absorb odors or flavors.
Performs on all heat sources - gas, electric, induction, and ceramic top.
A range of sizes ensures that you'll find the perfect stockpot for making soup, pasta, or corn on the cob.
8qt Capacity