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Jupiter Deluxe Hand Mill

The best of the hand mills. Easy to turn and will grind finer than any hand grain mill that I have tested. Still if you will be doing any quantity you will want a full speed electric grain mill. Hand mills will grind a cup of flour in about 5 minutes.


Product Specifications

This hand flour mill is the best hand mill that we sell. It is manufactured in Germany. The stainless steel milling heads are only 1" in diameter. This makes this mill the easiest hand mill to turn. It is the only hand mill that I have ever tested that will mill "pastry fine flour" first time through! Has full rubber foot to protect any surface it is attached to.

Loosen the dial on the mill and change from pastry flour to course cracked grain. Will mill any grain and any bean that will fit through opening. This mill is amazing!

**The Jupiter Grain Mill can also be purchased with an optional Feed Attachment which increases the capacity by 2 cups for a total 3 cup capacity. The feed attachment measures 3" x 1.75" x 6.5".