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GSD German Hand Mill

The GSD German Hand Mill is the only hand mill that I have ever tested that will mill flour first time through that is fine enough for bread making!

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Product Specifications

  • Sturdy plastic casing with steel cone grinder.
  • All metal components nickel-plated.
  • Steplessly adjustable fine/coarse control.
  • Grinding does not produce dust or affect the taste.
  • Corn keeps its nutritional richness and its fresh aroma because of the cutting-rubbing movement of the grinder.
  • Large hopper for approx. 500 g grain.
  • Can be tightly clamped on a table or on a structured work top.
  • The corn mill grinds, shreds and crushes all grains, except maize.
  • 1 year's guarantee (from date of purchase) if the mill is used properly.