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Bosch Compact Accessory Kit for Meat Grinder

Accessory Kit for Bosch Compact Mixer Meat Grinder Attachment.



The Sausage Stuffer Kit comes with the following

3mm Plate, 4.5mm Plate, 6mm Plate, 8mm Plate

Sausage Tube - Extra 2 wing Cutting Blade -- Nut Grinder - Cookie Press

 All of the parts are dishwasher safe. 

The four plates are all made of Stainless steel for easy cleaning and  WILL NOT RUST

 Listed below are the Plate sizes and their uses:  To use the plates, unscrew  the lock ring of the meat grinder, remove the plate that is in the meat grinder.  Replace with the plate of choice. Screw on the lock ring. 

2mm plate - smallest holes.  Excellent for cheese spreads, baby foods - not shown
3mm Plate - Peanut butter, cheese spreads, baby food
4.5mm Plate - Ground Meat
6mm Plate - Sausage
8mm Plate -    For larger pieces - Great for Corned Beef Hash, Spiced Ham, Chicken or Roast Beef Salad.